Up-Close With Kay

I get to work every day with driven people who are committed to their growth. For them, there’s nothing more thrilling than when they connect with something surprising they’ve learned in our training or coaching collaboration, and it energizes them to go farther, faster. It’s like they’ve found their magic. 
The magic we create together as learning partners comes as much from the substance of our collaboration as it does from the alignment of our beliefs. We behave into our beliefs.
  •       I believe in valuing people as much as results.
  •       I believe that soft skills make the real difference in hard situations.
  •       I believe that the road to success is paved by collaboration.
  •       I believe that equity is both an end-product and an input of just systems.
  •       I believe that the mind is our most powerful leadership tool – when we change minds, we change lives.
When I engage with clients, be it as a training facilitator, coach or consultant, my first interest is your story. Story prefaces our order of business. Your story – the one you have lived, and the one you want to create – gives meaning to our time together.