My Precious Moments  

Here are some favourite moments that have stuck with me over the last 10 years as a learning partner to leaders of many different generations, levels, and experience

Confidence Unleashed  

At the end of one of the leadership development sessions which I facilitated, for the EnGender Program of The Executive Minds, a female biochemistry professor who participated, said:

“I thought I needed to lead like a man to succeed in this environment. Now I know better.”

Courage In Action  

While participating in a conference at McMaster University, Canada, I opened with a presentation on, “Professional Networking: A Renewable Energy Source." During the break, an attendee who considered herself doomed to be a poor networker because of her introverted nature approached me and said:

“You suggested we lean on curiosity when summoning the courage to approach someone for the first time. So, I’m curious, how do you see my success with your help?”

A World of Possibilities

The Canadian Multicultural L.E.A.D. Organization for Mentorship and Training is a non-profit organization that I have volunteered with for over nine years. One unforgettable story was that of a young student who, with the support of L.E.A.D.’s directors, became the first person from her family to go to college. After completing her studies, she returned to give a presentation to new program participants, and when asked why she came back to share her story, she said:

“Because this is where people believed in me before I knew what to believe about myself.”


These are just three of my most precious memories. We're all on a mission. Mine is to help you connect to yours.

Let’s connect!